Learn about Essential Oils!

Essential oil is a natural aromatic liquid derived from raw plant materials. (flowers, leaves, roots, stems, trees) and extracted through a gentle steam distillation. These amazing aromatic compounds contain powerful concentrated fragrants that play an important role in promotion of overall health and well-being. Essential oils have been prized throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal benefits. [...]

Give back with Essential Patch!

Essential Patch is all about doing good, and although we enjoy supporting organizations through monetary and product donations, what we love most is being on the front lines and getting our hands dirty. Each year we will journey to visit with select partner organizations across the globe to learn first hand about their causes, volunteering our time, and making a substantial donation to an important project with trackable results.[...]

Learn about the Patch!

The Essential Patch is the all-natural, organic way to immediately relieve your body’s most common ailments and boost your immunity using aromatherapy. Our patches are hypoallergenic, latex-free, preservative-free and made with organic therapeutic grade essential oils. Each Essential Patch contains a specific blend designed to absorb both topical through the skin and directly through aromatic inhalation. [...]